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    Welcome to the CAN Wiki.  The goal of this site is to facilitate community collaboration and education related to issues affecting Asheville area neighborhoods.  The general goals of CAN are as follows:

    1. Educate and inform the community about matters that concern Asheville area neighborhoods;

    2. Provide a means for Asheville area neighborhood organizations and groups to share information; and
    3. Provide technical assistance to neighborhood groups and individuals that are interested in participating in community affairs

    Areas of interest may be accessed by the menu on the left.  We welcome contributors and recommend they familiarize themselves with Tips For Use.  If you find that you are unable to contribute please register and then send an email to admin@AshevilleCAN.org with details.  Please also feel free to view www.AshevilleCAN.org for historical information or to sign up for the CAN email listserv.


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